It’s been a busy week and we will be welcoming Michael to the festival shortly! The programme is now available to download here. Today Hurricane Ophelia will be paying usRead More
Best Irish Short Film Category Afternoon at Eleven, directed by Bryan Joseph O’Sullivan An Island, directed by Rory Byrne, andmapsandplans Coranna, directed by Steve Woods Deposits, directed by Trevor Courtney,Read More
As all of you know, the big news for the festival is welcoming Michael Dudok De Wit as our special guest this year. Michael is giving a Masterclass in dlrRead More
A couple of weeks ago, David Rane one of the Co-Creators of Guth Gafa Documentary Film Festival rang and asked me to curate a reel of animated short films thatRead More
Michael Dudok de Wit was born (1953) and educated in Holland. After school, he studied etching in Geneva, and animation at Farnham, England, where he made his first film “TheRead More