Michael Dudok de Wit attends this years festival

Michael Dudok de Wit was born (1953) and educated in Holland. After school, he studied etching in Geneva, and animation at Farnham, England, where he made his first film “The Interview”. After animating for a year in Barcelona he settled in London in 1980. Working free-lance with different studios, in particular with the production company Richard Purdum Productions, he directed and animated many award winning commercials for television and cinema.

In 1992 he created his short “Tom Sweep”, followed by “The Monk and the Fish” which was made at the studio Folimage, France. This film was nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) and it has won numerous awards. His most well-known film “Father and Daughter” won the Grand Prix in Annecy, an Academy Award and dozens of other major awards. In 2004 he completed his short film “The Aroma of Tea” and he recently directed his latest film ‘The Red Turtle’, feature length, with a team in France.

Michael also illustrates children’s books and he teaches animation at art colleges in England and abroad.

Characteristic of his drawing style is his use of strong shadows and of simple but atmospheric landscapes.