Since the festival began in 2011, we have commissioned a different trophy design for each year. Why? Partly because we like variety, but we also like to give different artists or students an opportunity to create something beautiful.

From 2011 – 2013, the awards trophies were influenced by Blackrock, the village where the shortlisted films were originally screened. In 2011, a local ceramicist Annika Berglund created trophies that were inspired by Dolmen landmarks.

From 2012 – 2013, undergraduate students from the B.A. in Modelmaking, Design and Digital Effects at IADT were given the opportunity to ‘pitch’ for the task of designing and creating the trophies. These students took their inspiration from the local landmarks and surroundings.

For the 2012 festival, David Lynham created a replica of the Victorian bandstand located in Blackrock Park. The 2013 design created by Elin Adler’s design was inspired by a stone cross that can be found on the Main Street in Blackrock.

In 2014 Michael Flynn, a 3rd year student created a trophy that was inspired by the sea – could the film ‘Song of the Sea’ by Cartoon Saloon have had an influence?

In 2015 Mateus Wojtas, a third year student, took his inspiration from a ‘Tree of Life’ and his trophies for DAFF 2015, were stunning – Matt showed himself to be a gifted designer and modelmaker. Impressed by his commitment and talent, the festival asked him to create a very special trophy design that would reflect the 1916 celebrations. His piece was inspired by a ceasefire that was allowed during the 1916 rising. Every day, both sides of the conflict allowed a temporary ceasefire, so the keeper of St. Stephen’s Green to enter the park to feed the ducks. This trophy received warm praise from the attendees at the festival.

This year we have asked Matt to create something new for us. We look forward to seeing the trophy at the 2017 awards!