DAFF 2020 - Calling for Entries

Writing blog posts comes easily to some people, but for others it is the task that fills them with dread. A blog is personal and if you suffer at all from the "content gremlins" like I do, it can conveniently end up at the bottom of the to-do list.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything including the feat of writing blogs. There were more important things to worry about.

Many festivals were cancelled or forced to go on-line this year. We salute the efforts of so many festivals and artists who rowed with waves and went on-line - this took a lot of courage and effort and showed the dedication of the organisers and volunteers. Serious respect is due to them.

The Arts (because it deserves a capital letter) always tend to be at the end of the queue when there is a recession. During hard times The arts are often seen as a luxury and not a sector that provides a valuable experience. Hopefully this attitude has shifted - so many artists and festivals showed how essential they are during lockdown online and raised morale for so many people. This must not be forgotten.

We have two pieces of news to announce today -

  1. Our call for entries is now open for the DAFF 2020 Awards - we are looking for short animated films no longer than 15 minutes long - you can find out more here:


  1. The programme for the fabulous Galway Film Fleadh (7-12 June 2020) is now online and there is a great line-up of films this year. Check it out at https://www.galwayfilmfleadh.com/ and don't forget to book your tickets! It may be an online festival - but there is a limited number of tickets for eaach screening. So do it now! Bravo to the programming team at Galway Fleadh - your launch intro showed your commmitment to supporting Irish filmaking and introducing new international talent. It's going to be a great event this year!

Finally, the stills that I have created for this post are from the short film Control Alt + Z directed by Holly Keating, who graduated from the Irish School of Animation, BCFE in Dublin in 2019. Thanks Holly!


Posted on Jun 26, 2020