First reel!

If I am ever asked to give a talk on how to set up a festival, one thing I will emphasise is that it's the small things that can cause the biggest headaches!

Post-Festival, I will be sending a bouquet of flowers to my graphic designers and the printers for their patience. In the meantime, I am posting up a list of the films that are going to be featuring on the first reel at DAFF - the second reel will follow later this week. Please note that this list on the first reel is not complete and more films will be announced this evening. More information about the directors of these great films will also be posted!

First Reel (To be screened at 2.30pm at the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, on Saturday, 27th October 2018)

Rated G and PG

Irish Short Film Category

Departure (Pink Kong Studios, Dublin)

The Bird & the Whale (Paper Panthers Studios)

Late Afternoon (Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny)

Irish Student/Graduate Short Film

Angelica (The National Film School, IADT)

Brightside (University of Ulster)

Molten Clash (The National Film School, IADT)

Of Scissors and Glue (Letterkenny Institute of Technology)

Regalia (The National Film School, IADT)

The Knocker Upper (University of Ulster)

Witches Don't Exist (University of Ulster)

This is not the complete list. More films to be announced for the first reel. The second reel will have more adult focused films - we will post the shortlist later this week.

PS - GDPR can cause massive headaches!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their films! Looking forward to screening them!

Posted on Oct 15, 2018