How the festival started!

"Forget it. There isn’t a demand for an animation film festival in this country." I don’t blame the person for giving me that piece of advice. In 2010, very few people were optimistic about anything working out in Ireland. My own interest in animation began while I was queuing to sign on at the Dún Laoghaire Social Welfare Office. Reading the posters on the wall was one way of dealing with the boredom and fear. It was the small A4 notice offering a course in digital skills that suddenly made my heart jump. It offered a short module in stop-motion animation! I did get accepted on to the course. No, I didn’t become an animator – but I did get a job working with start-up companies. It was the can-do attitude from the entrepreneurs, that I witnessed every day, that made me decide that my idea for a film festival wasn’t stupid and that it was going to happen.

Posted on Jul 23, 2018